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A school project finally takes root

The first batch of trees from Queen’s Park Primary School’s tree-planting project have finally made it into the ground! Our school has no grounds beyond the tarmac playground, so the biggest challenge of the project was finding a suitable spot to plant out the potted trees which we had planted and nurtured. Luckily, we were…

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Trees of Knowledge

Setting up and implementing a whole school tree planting project has been a challenging, but fun and fulfilling venture. The first step to take if you are thinking of trying the same, is to get permission and clearance from the right people; the head teacher, the caretaker/grounds manager and the bursar. I wrote a proposal…

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Our secret garden

Having had some small success with growing trees in my back garden, I decided to expand the tree-planting adventure into my work. I have the pleasure of working as a Teacher’s Assistant in my local primary school. What a perfect opportunity to get the next generation involved in saving the planet and planting trees! I…

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The Joy of Trees

I love the idea of small-scale tree planting. Individuals, families, community groups pushing a seed into the earth and watching their trees grow. A couple of years ago I was suddenly consumed with the idea of planting trees. As a response to the climate crisis, it seemed to me the most important thing to do.…

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