Woods for the Trees

To plant..? Or just wait?

Today I read and article in the online ‘Conversation’ – my daily news feed from the world of academia. It’s the story of how a piece of land adjacent to an ancient wood was deliberately abandoned 60 years ago to see what happened. And it’s a fascinating contribution to the planting (plastic shelters; imported trees;… Read More »To plant..? Or just wait?

The New English Woodland Creation Scheme (EWCO)

by Max Adams I’ve just attended a webinar on the new scheme, which replaces the Woodland Grant scheme. You can read a leaflet about it here and there is a full whacking great manual that you can download by following the links in the leaflet. But… to summarise… woodland planting schemes over 1ha (2.5acres)… Read More »The New English Woodland Creation Scheme (EWCO)

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