Our 366 resolutions for 2021

Here at Woods for the Trees, we’re always looking for new ideas to care for the planet. That’s why we’re following 365 Actions, a new website that offers daily suggestions for leading a more environment-friendly life. 

Doing one’s bit to reverse climate change may seem like an overwhelming task, but broken down into easily achievable resolutions makes it a lot less daunting.

It’s reassuring to see that there are some changes listed that I’ve already made to my life, such as brushing teeth without leaving the tap running. But there are many more suggestions that hadn’t occurred to me, such as cooking more with a microwave oven, as it’s more energy-efficient. 

365 Actions posts every day to Twitter and Instagram, so you can get your green lifestyle advice in daily doses.

So, that’s resolutions 1 to 365 for 2021 taken care of. But what about resolution number 366? To plant trees, of course!

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