Your Christmas gift to the world… We’ll plant three trees… and tell you where they are: precisely.

You hear a lot about sponsoring the planting of trees or saving a panda. But which trees…? What panda? Our brand new, brilliantly designed Christmas gift card allows you to give a card and gift in one. The recipient will have three native trees planted in England in their name this winter. And what’s more, we’ll be able to show them exactly where those trees are, thanks to the brilliant what.three.words app that allows you to pinpoint any location on the planet within three metres (just enough room for three trees).

All they have to do is scan the QR code on the back of the card, and enter a few details on our what.three.trees web page; we’ll send them a certificate of planting and the exact location of their trees – and they will be in a place where they can be visited as they grow.

All you have to do is cough up £10, including postage; and we’ll send you the card so you can give it to some appreciative person this Christmas. The trees will be chosen from a selection including hazel, silver birch, Scots pine, field maple, alder and crab apple. All you money – and we mean all, will go towards helping our work matching land and trees and people. Visit our online shop now.

So, next time someone asks you what you did for the planet, you can say, I planted three trees… and when they ask you, ‘What three trees? you can say, ‘Exactly!’

Oh, and by the way, our super-talented in-house designer, Jonathan Culling, has produced a brilliant card – we hope you like it.

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