What.3.Trees planting Christmas 2022

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First certificates to go out

At WftT we have been beavering away, planting trees for those lucky people who have received one of our special What.3.Trees cards (see our shopping page). As you can see from the aerial image (courtesy of the splendid people at What.three.words) every red square is a location for three new trees which, this year, are chosen from a selection of native species. Those displayed on the image here were either Scots pine or silver birch.

In future years those who received a card will be able to watch their trees grow, every time Google Earth updates its imagery. And, of course, you can always visit your trees and locate them with your mobile phone using the What.Three.Words app, which will navigate you there.

So far this winter we’ve sold about thirty cards, which means that we’ve planted more than 90 new trees on behalf of our supporters. Christmas 2022’s volunteer planters are the ones to thank: Jack Adams, Sarah Annesley, Gavin Armstrong and Yours truly. Naturally, tree planting is best done when the trees are dormant, after their leaves have fallen: and that means in winter. Up here in the North-East you get some bitter days, but so long as the ground isn’t actually frozen solid (as it was for ten days in December) we can get those trees in the ground.

Thanks to our supporters: keep it up – there are three more planting months left this winter, so it’s not to late to send a card, or just treat yourself to one.

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