Upcoming webinars

Coming soon is a series of in-depth webinars to help you create and manage new woodlands.

Intro to planning a new native woodland: visions and practicalities

  • Finding and evaluating land: size, cost, location
  • Deciding what and how to plant
  • Grants and costs
  • Information and resources
  • Pitfalls and roadblocks

Intro to planting, maintaining and managing a new native woodland from scratch

  • How trees work
  • How soil and land work
  • Planting methods, tools, protection and labour
  • Costs
  • Maintenance
  • Long term management

Introduction to Britain’s native trees: what, why, where to plant

  • What is a native tree?
  • Deciduous and coniferous; hardwood and softwood basics
  • Woodland trees and their behaviour and needs
  • Woodland ecologies
  • Soils, climate change, drainage and resilience

What shall we do with all the trees? – how to make native woodlands productive for resources, wildlife and people

  • What is a native woodland?
  • Introduction to social ecology
  • Traditional woodland management
  • Alternatives: an introduction to forest gardening
  • Products, markets, value and society

Please use the comments below to register your interest. We’ll add them to our Eventbrite page as soon as we’re ready.

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